Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Life in Pictures

Spring Training - Finally Baseball is Back!!!

Phoenix Zoo - What are you doing up there?


This is the perfect size for me!!

Can I feed the ducks again?

I couldn't let the boys have all the fun

Opening Day 2011!!! 

Oliver loves to climb the stairs 1/2 way and then sit for a while

11 Months Old

Oliver's one egg he found this year

The Easter Bunny's eggs
Oliver's brother was kind enough to help him eat his

Notice his egg did not get touched

End result of Oliver's egg

Jared entered a Peep contest

Those birds had it coming!!!!

Free pancake day at IHOP

My brother was kind enough to share with me

We tried making cinnamon rolls, they failed but we had fun in the process

Shamrock Shakes ROCK!!!!!

Super Dad

Don't we look cute clean
My mom is so mean to me

Gotta get a picture before Parker is bigger than Oliver

Being a king is hard work

There's a new sheriff in town

Airplane Restaurant in CO Springs

Joseph loved flying us to a tropical location while we waited for our food

Oliver & Parker

Joseph is a true CO boy

Shopping with my bro by my side

Sugar cookies & dirt make a great combination

Yep IN-N-OUT is still gross!!!!!!
I think the meal was only enjoyed by one

Look mom I'm a cat!!!

Children's Museum in Phoenix
Joseph had a blast.  The scarves went in the tubes and blew out at the top.

Noodle Forest = Super Happy 3 Year Old

Why isn't real grocery shopping this much fun

Liver's first swing of the summer

Joseph dressed himself

Everyone needs a super hero with them at Home Depot

Jared finally made it to a Rockies game with us

This is one of my favorite outfits ever!!! 

Mommy really needs a girl

Joseph put these shoes on himself then wanted his picture in them

Liver & Rose

Chick-fil-A is the best!!!